back in the day

Many years ago, I got my first naval piercing at 13 years old. I was young and curious about piercings but had no knowledge about how heal or take care of a foreign object in my body.  I recall being so nervous that I hardly heard anything the piercer said about aftercare, which wasn’t very much. I was told to wash with dial soap and turn the ring often. Granted, this was is the early 2000's and MUCH has changed since then.

Surprise surprise, I had issues within the first month of healing. Somewhat because of my age and lack of general information about how the body works and heals, but  mainly what needed to be done to heal over a long period of time. When I shyly went back to admit my defeat over the healing, I wasn’t given any new information. This cycle continued for the next 3 years and I started to get tired of having the excitement of a new piercing but the anxiety of not knowing if I was going to be able to heal it or not. There wasn't really anyone I could trust to help me along the way. I found many people with piercings to be their own "experts" on healing with funky homemade recipes for healing keloids or reversing rejection or migration, however no one to take ownership when these quick fixes didn't work or caused more issues.  It was an continuous feeling of doing something wrong but not knowing what and having to figure it out through trial and error.

Fast forward 6 years when I started Lions Lair Body Piercing at the age of 19. It was going to be my goal to not only provide clean, comfortable procedures, but also to help my clients through the healing process and educate them every step along the way.

our promise to you

 In essence, if you decide to get a piercing by either myself, Kierra, or Christena,  you have hired us to work for you during your entire healing process. We make ourselves available through our Facebook group (which we check daily), through Instagram, as well our personal contact numbers. Everyone heals differently and we strive to show you that healing is something that is attainable and simple if you have someone to guide you through the process.

We believe it's not only about giving the perfect piercing, but assisting you in the healing process every step of the way.

We have programs set up for assisting in keloid scarring, infection, migration and rejection. We inform our clients and educate them, so that by using simple natural methods, any of the above complications can be addressed promptly. H20cean has been the number one aftercare system that we recommend to all of our clients. By understanding our client's day to day lifestyles, we can formulate an aftercare plan that will specifically fit for them, and be there to re-affirm and assist along the way.

With a growing number of people having sensitivities to metal when getting any initial piercing, Lions Lair Body Piercing has chosen to work with  Bioplast for most of our initial procedures.

We utilize Bioplast jewelry, which we can tailor to your anatomy throughout your healing process  as well as the H20cean system, thus cutting our healing times down. Our healing times are half of what they used to be using H2Ocean and bioplast versus using antibacterial soap + homemade sea salt solutions with various metal jewelry. As your body heals, we schedule follow up appointments to downsize the length of the jewelry so that it becomes the custom fitted bling that you envisioned.

We believe in beautifully fitted body piercings that can adorn any body type and placement. Lions Lair Body Piercing stands behind our clients and educates them so that they only have to go through the healing of their new procedure once, with ease and comfort.