the ladies behind lions lair body piercing


Sydney Macdonald

I am the sole proprietor of Lions Lair Body Piercing. I started the company in 2006 at age 19 with the hopes of bringing an exceptional attitude towards the health and well being of my clients. I wanted to not only offer people safe and professional piercings, but I also wanted to support my clients through whatever their healing process would be. 

In creating Lions Lair it was my goal to  continue my learning and growth about the industry, as well as about everyone's unique healing systems.

I love coming to work and growing this amazing business with some kick ass employees, and of course, loyal and wonderful customers. 



Kierra Cates

In this business I've grown to learn that there is no such thing as 'shy'. Learning about my clients and realizing that it's not just those edgy teenagers getting pierced. Everyone from both ends of the spectrum are getting 'blinged'. Seeing someone's demeanour and mood change with each piercing is magic.

Getting into piercing was one of those things that really just fell into place as it was supposed to. Sydney had it on her mind that she'd love to train another apprentice and I was in the midst of finding out how to turn my passions into a career. Something that required the guts to go for and put on a brave face, yet can create something pretty and beautiful whilst making someone happy; which lead me to the wonderful beautiful art of body modification. 

I'm loving working with Sydney in learning how to build a better and more efficient business. Working hard creating a career that I enjoy and will continue to enjoy is the ultimate satisfaction.